Clinic Information

Each year after summer camp ends, LiFEsports offers 10 community-based sports clinics for our campers. These clinics are intended to provide additional time for our staff to build positive relationships with the campers, as well as refresh all of the kids on the social and sports skills emphasized during camp. Clinics also have the unique opportunity of often having students from various OSU athletic teams helping run the clinics. For example, in the past we have had clinics run by the OSU Track and Field team, OSU Women’s Volleyball, and OSU Lacrosse teams. So far, our clinics have had great attendance by campers! Our list of clinics for 2018-2019 will be available at the conclusion of our 2018 Summer Camp.  Please check back for updates.

Please remember that all clinics are free to LiFEsports campers and their families if that child attended at least 16 days of the 2018 summer camp. If your child attends 3 out of 10 clinics, he/she will be eligible for early camp registration this coming summer!


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