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YLA says that college #BetterMakeRoom

YLA says that college #BetterMakeRoom

The LiFEsports Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) is dedicated to preparing youth for college and post-secondary educational opportunities. The YLA seeks to expand on the important skills taught at the LiFEsports Summer Camp and clinics (i.e., self-control, effort, teamwork, and social responsibility) by providing high school youth with additional educational experiences that will help them gain the necessary skills to succeed at work and life, as well as the knowledge of what it takes to be a leader at LiFEsports and in their community. YLA is a four-year program for participants, with an annual registration process. Youth entering the program for the first time will be considered a Year 1 Youth Leader. Each year of YLA consists of a different theme:


Year 1 – Plan: Essential leadership and communication skills.

Year 2 – Prepare: Introduction to college and career readiness.

Year 3 – Practice: Simulated college and career readiness activities.

Year 4 – Perform: One on one action towards college/post-secondary education.


These themes are incorporated into the program activities throughout the course of the year. Each year the YLA begins in September and ends in August with a celebration of youth.


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