Mission & Vision

Today, many youth are faced with basic unmet needs, family conflict and instabilities, as well as many other emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues and disorders. After school, youth development programs and other youth organizations have been increasingly beneficial in addressing risk factors, as well as promoting healthy youth development.

Researchers have only begun to scratch the surface on understanding specific program characteristics and practices that create positive outcomes for youth, as well as how youth workers can be better prepared and trained for helping implement and influence these intended outcomes.

In response to this need, The Ohio State University (OSU) has developed the LiFEsports Initiative as an innovative approach to achieve the University’s land grant mission. The LiFEsports Initiative addresses and meets the needs of today’s youth and youth-serving agencies and organizations through service and outreach, teaching and learning, and research.

Our mission is:

“Enhance the quality of youth development, sport, and recreational programs through service and outreach, teaching and learning, and research, thereby increasing positive developmental outcomes for youth.”

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