Future Growth of Lifesports


IMG_5726The LiFEsports team is currently developing four key priorities for future growth within our Initiative. These priorities and growth opportunities will drive future directions for the initiative.


Expanding the Duration of a LiFEsports Camp Day:

The annual LiFEsports Summer Camp currently ends at 2pm. Extending camp by an additional 75 minutes daily would provide youth with additional exposure to sports and curriculum, as well as support families and our community by ensuring their safety in the post-camp hours. This additional hour would also allow for three new sports to be added to the LiFEsports Summer Camp, such as golf, tennis, badminton, backyard games, handball, etc. Finally, this would also allow for lower staff-to-camper ratio, allowing more hands on and direct leadership opportunities.

Enhancement of the Youth Leadership Academy:

An initial youth leadership program was piloted during summer 2012, and expanded to a year- round program in 2013. The current proposal in place would expand the number of Youth Leaders served to 60, as well as work to improve the Academy curriculum. This will enhance the focus on workforce and college readiness, and will engage them further in learning and focus on supporting their successful transitions to adulthood.

Longitudinal Research:

What makes LiFEsports stand apart from traditional camps and youth development programs is its specific focus on understanding how and why youth development programs impact youth. Over the past six years, LiFEsports has engaged in a number of research studies to better understand how the LiFEsports Camp and Clinics impact both youth and their families. These studies, however, have all focused on the short-term impact of LiFEsports. Funding for longitudinal research would allow LiFEsports to track youth over multiple years, possibly even past their participation in the LiFEsports program. This will allow a better understanding in how LiFEsports is impacting their overall healthy development.

Improving Family Health and Wellness:

LiFEsports realizes the critical role parents play in supporting their childs healthy development, as they are the most sensitive to the circumstances and priorities of their families, and often the strongest advocates for their children. Funding for parent and family outreach would allow LiFEsports to develop a Parent Team which would expand parental involvement beyond the context of the Summer Camp and clinics, and empower parents to be champions in their families and community for the LiFEsports ideals.

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