“This is the first time we’ve participated in the camp and it is amazing! My son, Dalyn JL Dunn, truly loved the experience. As a pastor in the city I truly appreciate the opportunity. It is so important for our youth to be active in positive programs to develop strong character and other life skills.”

– Pastor Dalyn L.Dunn, Peace Missionary Baptist Church

“I just wanted to thank you for including the parents to volunteer on Career Day! It was a great opportunity for me it actually gave me time to reflect on my future of possibly going back to school to further my career…. I have been a Buckeye all of my life and have never really experienced the Ohio State University the counselors and tour guides were knowledgeable and very professional. My son DJ have always dreamed of attending OSU and I pray that he someday be in that number of 60,000 students attending OSU!”

– Angela Banks

“My daughter is really enjoying her experience at this OSU camp. I do see a boost of confidence and maturity. She will carry this experience in and throughout with her.”

– Brenda Francis, mother of Ciarra Armstead, 2011


“I have gone to LiFE Sports for two years and it’s been wonderful. I have learned a lot about myself and as well as life. It has truly been a life sport.”

– Nycholas Partee

“Camp has been a great experience. Camp has shown me that there is more to life than just having fun playing sports. It has taught me life lessons. This camp gives you opportunities to make new friends, learn new sports, and learn life lessons.”

– Unknown Camper 2010

“One way that I could be a leader is by changing the way I interact with others. Another was is by making sure I do everything positive and not in a negative way. How I will dedicate myself to do this is by making people believe in what they do and not follow after someone who is not leading towards a positive direction.”

– Nistaja Peck 2011

“Our group leaders taught us that we can accomplish anything if we put our mind to it.”

– T.J. Chatman 2010

“At LifeSports we are involved in all activities. We also learn life skills, personal commitments, and teamwork. This helps us out in the community and at home. Meanwhile we get fit and healthy. LifeSports takes place on the OSU campus so we learn about college and future goals.”

– Talaysia Hayes, Daijah Frazier 2010


“LiFE Sports is a terrific program from all ages. Youth participants learn new sports and life skills, and adult leaders in the program learn youth development practices and put them into action throughout camp. As a LiFE Sports education leader and College of Social Work student, I was able to bring classroom techniques into the real-world setting, from working with youth in group and individual settings to facilitating communication among other camp leaders.”

– Megan Lehnert, Masters of Social Work Student

“Every year heading into Life Sports (NYSP) the same feeling seems to arise. It always seems to happen right around the end of April. I have to make sure I have my gear right, my jump shot, and stamina must be up to par, and etc. This is the same feeling I had as a kid getting ready for Life Sports (NYSP)! When its time for camp you have got to be ready to go! Life Sports (NYSP) means opportunity to me. It means progression, it means advancement. Each year these kids walk onto Ohio States campus looking to show both peers and mentors how they’ve progressed throughout the year. Some of central Ohio’s very own have thrived in the arms of the Life Sports (NYSP) spotlight. As an athlete you have the opportunity to meet and develop skills with children from all corners of Columbus. I sit back and marvel at all the talent at such young levels that central Ohio has to offer. They come and compete and learn leadership fundamentals for 4 weeks a year in develop lifelong relationships with peers and mentors that you will last them just until it’s time to report next year.”

– Aaron Nelson 2013


“I had a wonderful time volunteering for LiFE Sports. It was an excellent opportunity for me personally. Again I am blown away by the unlimited possibilities that are available for future and current social workers, such as the LiFE Sports programs, to help and support the well-being of society.

– Unknown


How is partnering with LiFE Sports beneficial for the nursing program and it’s students?

“I think the biggest thing our students gain is an exposure to a vulnerable population. In the summer, it is a challenge to find a group of school-aged children in a single functional unit, and LifE Sports meets that need for us. The other plus is the opportunity to work with people from other disciplines, and the kids!”

-Judy Donegan – OSU College of Nursing


“LiFE Sports has made me gain more responsibility and has helped me become more outgoing and have more confidence. It has also helped me not only in a physical aspect, but in a mental aspect as well. Especially because it made us learn teamwork and cooperation.”
– Kai 2013


“I like that I get to help out with the younger kids and be a leader.”
– Unknown Youth Leader 2010

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