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Parent FAQ



To find a list of frequently asked questions, as well as additional information Summer Camp specifics, please follow the link below.

Parent FAQ

Q: How old does my child have to be in order to be a Youth Leader?

A: Youth must be in their freshman year of high school in order to be eligible to participate in the Youth Leadership Academy.


Q: Is the Youth Leadership Academy a year-round program?

A: Yes! YLA starts in the fall and is finished in July. YLA is split up into three main phases: Skills Academy, Success Academy, and Culminating Project.


Q: If my child is registered for the Youth Leadership Academy, do I still need to register he/she for summer camp on the LiFEsports Registration Day?

A: No. Once your child is registered for Youth Leadership Academy, he/she is automatically registered for the LiFEsports Summer Camp.


Q: Does LiFEsports provide transportation for the YLA sessions?

A: No. Transportation is up to the individual family for all YLA sessions. YLA staff can assist families with providing contact information for families who live nearby. There will be transportation provided  for the LiFEsports Summer Camp.


Q: If my child is registered for Youth Leadership Academy, does that mean I still need to register my younger children for the LiFEsports Summer Camp?

A: Yes. Siblings of Youth Leaders still need to be registered individually for the LiFEsports Summer Camp by either attending Registration Day or qualifying for Early Registration.


Q: Do Youth Leaders receive monetary compensation for their participation in YLA?

A: No. Youth Leaders do not receive financial compensation but they do receive internship/community service hours that they can turn into their high school.



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