Strength-Based Teaching & Learning

The LiFE Sports Initiative prioritizes
strategies to produce highly-skilled youth
development professionals.


Students & Professionals

As an initiative of The Ohio State University, LiFEsports works year-round to provide teaching and learning opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students interested in the field of youth development. Students from a variety of majors take part in classes, independent study, field practice, volunteer work, and internships related to LiFEsports. An interdisciplinary minor in youth development brings together several university departments and colleges to provide students with unique coursework and classes.

The LiFEsports Initiative also provides ongoing educational experiences for professionals currently working in the field of youth development. These continuing education experiences are targeted toward those professionals currently working in a youth development setting such as a youth-serving non-profit agencies, afterschool programs, or youth sport and recreation programs.


Education at Ohio State extends beyond the classroom, allowing students to apply the skills learned in the classroom in real-world settings, working one-on-one with youth in the community.

In addition to in-classroom learning, you can also use the LiFEsports curriculum in your program! The LiFEsports Model focuses on increasing social competence among youth in four main areas: self-control, effort, teamwork, and social responsibility. Continue reading for more information on using the LiFEsports curriculum.

Additional information about the above opportunities can be found on the proceeding pages.

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