As part of one of the largest universities in the United States, the LiFEsports Initiative prioritized teaching and learning strategies as a way to increase the number of highly-skilled youth development professionals in the field. To achieve these goals, the LiFEsports Initiative currently focuses on providing multiple teaching and learning experiences. On the following pages, you can find more information on majors and minors offered in the fields of youth development, applicable to many different majors.


How To Enhance my Education at LiFE Sports

In addition to the sport-based youth development summer camp, the LiFEsports Initiative offers a wide array of opportunities and experiences for students from different majors who are interested in year-round internships, field practicum, and independent studies for their specific academic disciple and future career.


Social Science

LiFEsports is grounded in sport-based youth development, which is a continuously growing and expanding field within a variety of social science disciplines such as psychology, social work, and sociology. Within LiFEsports, there are numerous opportunities for students who are interested in working with youth athletes and teams, helping to develop strengths-based sport curriculum and training techniques, and who may be interested in a wide variety of research opportunities.

Human Sciences

LiFEsports has been intentionally programmed to operate holistically at all levels of the person, which offers many opportunities for students interested in aspects of human development & family science, agricultural communication, education & leadership, and consumer & family financial services. While the LiFEsports Initiative directly serves individual youth, there are still many opportunities to work and collaborate with the youths’ caregivers and families as well as local community partners in order to provide the most appropriate services.


In addition to the variety of sport-specific activities, the LiFEsports Summer Camp includes an education session for all of its youth. This is the ideal experience for students who are interested in education, because it supplies opportunities for practical classroom teaching experience working with a variety of school-aged children, as well as additional opportunities to help further develop the existing educational curriculum.

Health & Wellness

LiFEsports has placed an emphasis on promoting the health and wellness of its many youth participants. Students interested in fields such as public health, pre-medicine, biology, and human nutrition would have the ability to gain firsthand experiences through the variety of health screenings, dental screenings, nutritional education, physical and mental health referrals, and the creation and implementation of preventative strategies that LiFEsports offers to youth and their families.


As a sport-based initiative, LiFEsports offers unlimited opportunities to further develop valuable skills related to exercise science, physical education, and the varying forms of sport industry. Students have the ability to further develop the sport-based curriculum, to assess and monitor fitness levels and health behaviors, as well as work with individuals and groups. LiFEsports also offers a wide range of possibilities for students who are looking for practical and hands-on experiences overseeing structural and organizational components of a business entity, managing day-to-day operations, marketing and advertising to potential partners and consumers, as well as helping to design programmatic delivery.

Pre-Physical Therapy

Grounded in sport-based youth development, LiFEsports incorporates various pre-physical therapy disciplines including biology, psychology, human physiology, andexercise science.  Emphasizing fitness, LiFE Sports offers students hands-on experience in working with individuals and groups through sport clinics and camps.  Additionally, LiFEsports offers students with opportunities to observe the health and fitness levels of youth and provides experiences to engage with youth in physical activity.


Being an ever-growing organization, LiFEsports is always looking for new and effective advertising strategies in order to promote its services and products, which leads to great opportunities for students looking for experience in marketing, design, and communication. Students would gain valuable real-world experience by researching, assessing, analyzing, designing, and implementing new outreach and engagement strategies, as well as designing marketing strategies, creating and disseminating newsletters, and updating and maintaining the webpage and social media outlets.


As an expanding organization, LiFEsports is always seeking new ways to expand and capitalize on various business ventures with community partners in order to sustain its high-level service and outreach. These opportunities allow students interested in finance and economics to gain priceless experiences researching the current economy and operating the fiscal budget, as well as assessing the programs risk management strategies. As such, there are many opportunities for students to research the current economic landscape and provide meaningful and valuable input on future investments and partnerships.

Research Opportunities

Since LiFEsports is continually seeking to develop and study best practices in the field of youth development, students are able to assist and contribute to various research opportunities within LiFEsports.  LiFEsports offers students the ability to conduct research in almost any field of study, from hands-on experience in measuring youth fitness levels to using the LiFEsports summer camp as a learning laboratory for student dissertations and theses.  At LiFEsports, research opportunities can relate to students in all majors and can be adapted to a student’s individual interests.


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