Undergraduate & Master’s Classes

OSU LiFEsports offers both undergraduate and master’s level classes that focus on youth development. These courses are offered to a wide variety of majors and specializations, and can be used as credit hours for over 23 different majors. Internship and Independent studies are offered in addition to these courses. More information will be available upon request. Currently, if you are a student interested in an internship or field placement with LiFEsports, please contact Becky Wade-Mdivanian.

Two courses are currently offered in conjunction with LiFEsports. These courses, located in the College of Social Work, both provide students with an opportunity to extend their learning in the field of youth development. Course descriptions are below.

SWK 2110:

Prevention & Youth Development Through Sport, Recreation, & PlayIMG_3305

This course focuses on how characteristics of individuals, families, peer systems, schools, neighborhoods and other environmental contexts contribute to the development of social, academic, and health-related problems among youth. Students will learn to apply the knowledge and skills of generalist social work practice from a risk and resilience perspective to guide the design and delivery of prevention and youth development programs in sport, recreation, and play settings. Strength-based, positive youth development strategies will be emphasized. Diversity factors such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation will be critically analyzed as they relate to risk and positive developmental outcomes.

To download a sample course syllabus, please click here: COURSE SYLLABUS.


SWK 5028:

Macro-Practice in Community Youth Development

This course is designed to prepare students to be informed, resourceful, and proactive in addressing the complex and dynamic issues influencing youth in underserved communities. The course prepares students to engage, assess, and evaluate how policy affects service delivery and the role of macro-level social work practice in promoting positive youth development (PYD). The course emphasizes the history of community-based positive youth development (PYD), as well as various theories and models relevant to youth development organizations. SWK 5000 is designed for students who will be employed in youth-serving agencies such as settlement houses, afterschool programs, sport and recreation organizations, schools, faith-based organizations, government offices (i.e., police, gang taskforces), youth advocacy services, and child welfare agencies, runaway shelters, children’s hospitals, and youth addiction programs).

To download a sample course syllabus, please click here: COURSE SYLLABUS

If you would like to learn more about either of these courses, please contact Dawn Anderson-Butcher. If you are a current OSU student, you can also register for this course using Buckeye Link.

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